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Financing Timberlands

Financing Global Timberland Properties and Forest Product Companies

Financing Timberland Properties

Forest Industry Loan

Biomass, Biodiesel, Biofuels, Ethanol Production and Renewable Energy Projects Finance

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Timberland, Renewable Energy, and Pulp & Paper Finance

Financing Timberland and Forestry

United OPEC Banks Timberland Finance Division offers matchless financing programs for operations, such as higher and better use timberland properties, recreation timberland properties, plantation properties, production timberland, and forest product companies.



Financing Pulp & Paper Industry

United OPEC Banks Pulp & Paper Finance Division is the global leading provider of unique financing programs and capital raising services to clients in the countries with most timber production.

Over 100 years ago,
United OPEC Banks Pulp & Paper Finance Division recognized the substantial natural resource advantage in timberlands and the sector growth potential of pulp & paper, and building products.

To cater to this important segment, we developed significant in-depth industry expertise to best serve a broad range of public and private companies throughout the world.

United OPEC Banks, Pulp & Paper Finance Division, includes a team of 2,600 dedicated professionals based in Brazil, India, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. 

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